Monday, November 3, 2008

Fraternal Order of Police pesident says Lioneld Jordan the right choice for mayor

Let's make Lioneld our next mayor

Earlier this month the Fayetteville Fraternal Order Police and the Fayetteville Fire Fighters Association endorsed Lioneld Jordan for mayor of the city of Fayetteville. We believe strongly that the time has come for positive, effective change, and it is my position that the person best able to drive that change is Lioneld Jordan. For the past four years, the city governmental bodies have been hampered by misinformation and excuses. We have seen a city council and a city administration that once worked well together deteriorate into factions that no longer seem willing to cooperate or take actions in the best interest of the city. Blame for failures seems generally placed with others, and the result of this quagmire has been that important projects go undone or are delayed, employees suffer and services provided to the citizenry are scaled back. Amidst the finger pointing, the belief that Lioneld Jordan could unite the council and administration has remained constant. Jordan was elected vice mayor by his colleagues for a number of reasons, though we believe one of his strongest attributes has been his nononsense approach. Jordan has been a man of his word and he gets things done. Lioneld Jordan started his political career by telling citizens," You will be informed. "Throughout his eight years of service as an alderman of Ward 4, Jordan has routinely fostered and encouraged open government as demonstrated by the fact that he has hosted over 104 ward meetings and by his exemplary record of attendance at council meetings. Jordan has proven himself as a public servant for the people; his commitment and dedication to the city of Fayetteville will make him a mayor for the people. Lioneld Jordan has always been willing to sit down and listen to the citizens of Fayetteville and has shown a willingness to address their concerns. Lioneld Jordan has the entire city's best interest in mind and not just the interest of a select few. Lioneld Jordan supports public safety, and public safety supports Lioneld Jordan.
Leonard D. Graves President,
Fayetteville Fraternal Order of Police

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