Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Numerous controversial issues on tonight's city-council agenda

Mayor Lioneld Jordan

City Attorney Kit Williams

City Clerk Sondra Smith
Ward 1 Position 1 – Adella Gray
Ward 1 Position 2 – Brenda Boudreaux
Ward 2 Position 1 – Mark Kinion
Ward 2 Position 2 – Matthew Petty
Ward 3 Position 1 – Justin Tennant
Ward 3 Position 2 – Robert Ferrell
Ward 4 Position 1 – Rhonda Adams
Ward 4 Position 2 – Sarah Lewis

Final Agenda
City of Fayetteville Arkansas
City Council Meeting
December 4, 2012

A meeting of the Fayetteville City Council will be held on December 4, 2012 at 6:00 PM in Room 219 of the City Administration Building located at 113 West Mountain Street, Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Call to Order

Roll Call

Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor’s Announcements, Proclamations and Recognitions:

City Council Meeting Presentations, Reports and Discussion Items:

Agenda Additions:


1.Approval of the November 8 and November 20, 2012 City Council meeting minutes.

2.University of Arkansas Razorback Road Sidewalk Cost Share:  A resolution to approve a budget adjustment in the amount of $51,308.00 to recognize revenue from the University of Arkansas for its cost share for construction of a sidewalk along Razorback Road.

3.Hazardous Materials Incident Response Services Interlocal Cooperation Agreement:  A resolution providing notice pursuant to Article V of the Interlocal Cooperation Agreement for the Provision of Hazardous Materials Incident Response Services in Benton and Washington Counties of the intention of the City of Fayetteville to withdraw its participation in the agreement effective six (6) months from the date of written notification of the adoption of this resolution to the remaining participants.

4.Arkansas Firewise Grant:  A resolution authorizing acceptance of an Arkansas Firewise Grant in the amount of $500.00 from the Arkansas Forestry Commission for use by the Fire Department, and approving a budget adjustment.

5.Bid #12-75 Insituform Technologies, LLC:  A resolution to approve Bid #12-75 for a construction contract with Insituform Technologies, LLC for service lateral and sewer main cured in place lining in the amount of $330,000.00.

6.Operations and Management Plan for Razorback Regional Greenway:  A resolution to approve the Northwest Arkansas Razorback Greenway Operations and Management Plan for Razorback Greenway Trails within Fayetteville.

7.Bid #12-74 Vance Brothers, Inc.:  A resolution awarding Bid #12-74 and approving a contract with Vance Brothers, Inc. in the amount of $72,470.00 for asphalt micro-surfacing, and approving a ten percent (10%) project contingency.

8.City Depository Board:  A resolution designating members of the City Depository Board, as established by Arkansas Code §19-8-106.

9.2013 Community Access Television Contract:  A resolution approving a contract in the amount of $105,000.00 with Community Access Television, Inc. to provide public access services and operate the Fayetteville Public Access Television Channel throughout the 2013 year.

10.Regional Wayfinding Program:  A resolution to express the Fayetteville City Council’s intent to implement the Regional Wayfinding Program.

11.Wayfinding Program Implementation:  A resolution to approve the cooperative agreement between the City of Fayetteville and the Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission regarding Wayfinding Program Implementation at a potential cost of approximately $125,000.00.

12.Johnson Property Zoning Change:  A resolution agreeing to the change in zoning from commercial to residential for property located in Johnson that adjoins parcels in Fayetteville.

B.Unfinished Business:

1.2013 Annual Budget and Work Program:  A resolution adopting the 2013 Annual Budget and Work Program.  The motion to approve the budget failed.  Then a motion to reconsider was approved.  Then the resolution to approve the budget was tabled to the December 4, 2012 City Council meeting.

C.New Business:

1.ADM 12-4259 (UDC Amendment Subdivision Regulations in the Planning Area):  An ordinance to Amend §166.05 Required Infrastructure Improvements - Development in the Planning Area and to repeal §166.08 (I) of the Unified Development Code of Fayetteville.

2.Clear Creek Trail:  A resolution approving a request by the City of Fayetteville to modify the geographic extent and location of certain tree preservation areas pursuant to §167.04(L)(2), Tree Preservation and Protection, Unified Development Code of the Code of Fayetteville, to construct a section of Clear Creek Trail.

3.Grant Thornton Annual Audit Services:  A resolution to approve a contract with Grant Thornton, LLP in the amount of $82,500.00 to audit the financial statements of the City.

4.City of West Fork Wastewater Service:  A resolution expressing the intent of the City of Fayetteville to provide wholesale wastewater service to the City of West Fork.

5.Entertainment District Parking Deck Site Selection:  A resolution to select the site of the Entertainment District Parking Deck.

6.RZN 12-4252 (Center Street Rezoning for Eco New):  An ordinance rezoning that property described in rezoning petition RZN 12-4252, for approximately 2.75 acres, located along West Center Street, near Duncan Avenue and the northwest corner of Hill Avenue and Treadwell Street, from RMF-40, Residential Multi-Family, 40 units per acre to DG, Downtown General.

7.Repeal §31.46 Freezing Elected City Officials’ Compensation: An ordinance to repeal §31.46 Freezing Elected City Officials’ Compensation if in Excess of $80,000.00.

D.City Council Agenda Session Presentations:

1.Parking Deck Presentation - The Parking Deck Team (including both staff and consultants)

E.City Council Tour:


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