Monday, January 14, 2013

Planning Commission agenda for 14 Jan 2013

Planning Commission Officers
Porter Winston, Chair Kyle Cook, Vice-Chair Sarah Bunch, Secretary
Planning Commissioners
Blake Pennington William Chesser Matthew Cabe Ryan Noble Craig Honchell
Tracy Hoskins
Tentative Agenda
City of Fayetteville, Arkansas
Planning Commission Meeting January 14, 2013
A meeting of the Fayetteville Planning Commission will be held on January 14, 2013 at 5:30 PM in Room 219 of the City Administration Building located at 113 West Mountain Street, Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Call to Order
Roll Call
Agenda Session Presentations, Reports and Discussion Items
Review of draft Wedington Corridor Plan Vision Document: This report documents the process, fundamentals, and implementations steps that were developed as part of the Wedington Corridor Plan.
Sustainability and Strategic Planning Director: Peter Nierengarten
1. Approval of the minutes from the December 10, 2012 meeting.
New Business
2. ADM 12-4286: Administrative Item (205 W. DICKSON ST./NOMAD’S, 484): Submitted by MITCHELL OWEN for property located at 205 WEST DICKSON STREET. The property contains approximately 0.26 acre and is zoned MSC, MAIN STREET CENTER. The request is to allow for a temporary retail structure to remain on the property for longer than 90 days (Use Unit 2). Planner: Quin Thompson
3. LSP 12-4283: Lot Split (3990 E. MISSION BLVD./PUDE, 296): Submitted by ALAN REID AND ASSOCIATES for property located at 3990 EAST MISSION BOULEVARD. The property is in the PLANNING AREA and contains a total of 3.00 acres. The request is to divide the subject property into two tracts of approximately 0.91 and 2.09 acres. Planner: Jesse Fulcher
4. LSD 12-4275: Large Scale Development (W. CENTER ST. AND S.W. CORNER OF DUNCAN AVE./WEST CENTER, 483 & 522): Submitted by JORGENSEN AND ASSOCIATES for properties located on WEST CENTER STREET AND THE SOUTHWEST CORNER OF DUNCAN AVENUE. The properties are zoned RMF-40, RESIDENTIAL MULTI-FAMILY, 40 UNITS PER ACRE AND DG, DOWNTOWN GENERAL and contain approximately 2.75 acres. The request is for 175 multi-family units with a parking deck. Planner: Jesse Fulcher
5. CUP 12-4278: Conditional Use Permit (4107 N. STEELE BLVD./DAMGOODE PIES, 134): Submitted by PATRICK HARRIS for property located at 4107 NORTH STEELE BOULEVARD. The property is zoned C-2, THOROUGHFARE COMMERCIAL and contains approximately 1.72 acres. The request is for a conditional use permit for a reduced number of parking spaces. Planner: Quin Thompson
6. R-PZD 12-4284: Residential Planned Zoning District (PARK HILL AT MOUNTAIN RANCH, 478):
Submitted by JORGENSEN AND ASSOCIATES for property located at the SW CORNER OF PERSIMMON STREET AND MOUNTAIN RANCH BOULEVARD. The property is zoned R-PZD, RESIDENTIAL PLANNED ZONING DISTRICT (R-PZD 09-3253) and contains approximately 2.23 acres. The request is for Zoning, Land Use and Development approval of a Residential Planned Zoning District with 13 single family dwellings.
Planner: Andrew Garner
7. RZN 12-4273: Rezone (1400 AND 1500 BLOCKS OF N. DESOTO PL./ABSHIER HEIGHTS, 407):
Submitted by BART BAUER for properties located at the 1400 AND 1500 BLOCKS OF NORTH DESOTO PLACE. The properties are zoned RSF-8, RESIDENTIAL SINGLE-FAMILY, 8 UNITS PER ACRE and contain approximately 2.18 acres. The request is to rezone Tract A of the Abshier Heights to RMF-12, RESIDENTIAL MULTI-FAMILY, 12 UNITS PER ACRE. Planner: Andrew Garner
The following items have been approved administratively by City staff:
LSP 12-4076: Lot Split (428 N. TANGLE WOOD AVE./GILBREATH, 486): Submitted by MILHOLLAND ENGINEERING & SURVEY CO. for property located at 428 NORTH TANGLE WOOD AVENUE. The property is zoned RMF-6, RESIDENTIAL MULTI-FAMILY, 6 UNITS PER ACRE and contains a total of 2.82 acres. The request is to divide the subject property into two tracts of approximately 1.82 and 1.00 acres.
Planner: Andrew Garner
LSP 12-4292: Lot Split (LOT 3 OF FOREST HILLS/FOREST HILLS, 440): Submitted by MORRISON- SHIPLEY ENGINEERS, INC. for property located at LOT 3 OF FOREST HILLS R-PZD. The property is zoned R- PZD, RESIDENTIAL PLANNED ZONNING DISTRICT and contains a total of 5.36 acres. The request is to divide the property into four tracts of 1.38, 1.11, 1.03, and 1.83 acres. Planner: Jesse Fulcher
All interested parties may appear and be heard at the public hearings. If you wish to address the Planning Commission on an agenda item please queue behind the podium when the Chair asks for public comment. Once the Chair recognizes you, go to the podium and give your name and address. Address your comments to the Chair, who is the presiding officer. The Chair will direct your comments to the appropriate appointed official, staff, or others for response. Please keep your comments brief, to the point, and relevant to the agenda item being considered so that everyone has a chance to speak.

Interpreters or TDD, Telecommunication Device for the Deaf, are available for all public hearings; 72 hour notice is required. For further information or to request an interpreter, please call 575-8330.
As a courtesy please turn off all cell phones and pagers.
A copy of the Planning Commission agenda and other pertinent data are open and available for inspection in the office of City Planning (575-8267), 125 West Mountain Street, Fayetteville, Arkansas. All interested parties are invited to review the petitions. 

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