Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Victory Commons should be named Defeat Commons

Please click link at left below image to enlarge and use cursor or navigation tools to magnify, widen view area or move about the area near Razorback Road and the state Revenue office. For photos, scroll down and read comments about proposed commercial site on a small remnant of native wetland that formerly was the main feature of the area. This area is a natural protector of the environment and the people who live downstream in the watershed of the Town Branch of the West Fork of the White River.

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Click on images to Enlarge July 9, 2008, photos of wetland along Razorback Road. A significant amount of this wetland will be damaged, dredged and filled as the Corps of Engineers would say, to provide space for a mixed-use commercial development.
Most of the area has been developed and this is the only publicly accessible part of the extensive prairie and wooded wetland where the Revenue Office, Baum baseball field and adjacent parking lots, and the Razorback Road itself have been built in recent decades.

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