Wednesday, August 29, 2012

People who work for public government and nonprofit groups get discount to attend watershed-protection conference

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Dear Aubrey,
During the upcoming Watershed and Stormwater Conference, we thought you would like to learn more about some key sessions, led by Center staff.

The New Wave of Stormwater Management Design Monday, Oct 8 10:30am
This topic was voted #1 in interest in a registrant survey. Discussion will be moderated by Dave Hirschman, Stormwater Program Director and provide diverse perspectives on the new compliance tools, the relationship between volume reduction and peak rate (or quantity) controls, and other elements associated with the implementation of runoff volume reduction. As Dave advises, "Whether you are a regulator, site design pro, local government staff, or watershed stakeholder, this session will get you on board with the latest trends in stormwater volume control"  

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Success Stories Monday, Oct 8 10:30Lori
This panel discussion will be moderated by Lori Lilly, Watershed Ecologist and Planner.
This session will focus on the importance of illicit discharge detection and elimination (IDDE) as a quantifiable pollutant load reduction strategy. Lori will also present how to develop the essential elements needed to establish and maintain a successful municipal IDDE program.  

Plenary Session: Gross Solids and Trash Total Maximum Daily LoadsNeely
 The session will be moderated by Neely Law, PhD, Senior Research Analyst.  The context of gross solids as an emerging pollutant of concern will be provided along with results from recent studies that show the surprisingly high nutrient contribution from organic debris. Panelists will also provide insight into the trash-TMDL permits process and programs - from relatively new approaches taken for the Anacostia River watershed and the lessons learned from California's long-term program. Neely says that participants at this session will learn about innovative ways communities can address nutrients and trash to address their impaired waters   

You can register for the conference and join as a member all at once! This will save you $200 off registration for either the whole event or just the educational conference. Registration ends September 14th, don't let time run out!

If you have already registered and wish to sign up for the AWSPs happy hour and/or field trips, please do it soon  You will need to login using your email address and Registrant ID provided to you on your registration confirmation. 


The Center for Watershed Protection Team 
Public Sector Special Rates 

  • $695 for conference and gala ( $100 savings)
  • $595 for the conference only ($100 savings)
Contact Lisa to get this special rate.  
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You can save time and become a member whileregistering for the Watershed and Stormwater Conference!  Just chose New Members- Join and Register to start the experience of being an AWSPs member!

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