Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 15, 2013, City Council agenda with backup files highlighted in blue

Final Agenda
City of Fayetteville Arkansas
City Council Meeting
March 5, 2013

A meeting of the Fayetteville City Council will be held on March 5, 2013 at 6:00 PM in Room 219 of the City Administration Building located at 113 West Mountain Street, Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Call to Order

Roll Call

Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor’s Announcements, Proclamations and Recognitions:

City Council Meeting Presentations, Reports and Discussion Items:

Agenda Additions:


1.Approval of the February 19, 2013 City Council meeting minutes.

2.2013 Overlay/Sidewalk Projects:  A resolution approving the Transportation Division Overlay/Sidewalk Projects list for 2013.

3.Transportation Bond Trail Improvements:  A resolution approving a budget adjustment in the total amount of $4,296.00 recognizing unappropriated bond monies for trail improvements.

4.Ozarks Electric Cooperative Corporation Easement:  A resolution authorizing the transfer of an easement interest to Ozarks Electric Cooperative Corporation on certain city-owned property near the Noland Wastewater Treatment Facility to provide for a relocation of electrical utility service.

5.Bid #13-16 Scurlock Industries:  A resolution awarding Bid #13-16 and authorizing the purchase of precast box culvert sections from Scurlock Industries of Fayetteville in the total amount of $71,404.71 for the construction of a trail tunnel for the TSA LA GI Trail, and approving a five percent (5%) project contingency.

6.Mahler Property Donation:  A resolution authorizing acceptance of a donation of 1.21 acres of property from Lori and Alex Mahler near Cato Springs Road to be utilized for the future Cato Springs Trail Trailhead.

7.Garland Avenue Widening and Improvement Project:  A resolution approving a settlement agreement with Glen David Wilson, Trustee, Timothy Hinkle, Trustee, and Linda Hinkle regarding condemnation litigation filed as part of the N. Garland Avenue Widening and Improvement Project.

B.Unfinished Business:

1.McClelland Consulting Engineers:  A resolution approving a professional engineering design services agreement with McClelland Consulting Engineers in the amount of $279,045.55 for the rehabilitation of the historic Maple Street and Lafayette Street bridges, and approving a budget adjustment recognizing federal grant revenue in the amount of $223,257.00. This resolution was tabled at the February 19, 2013 City Council meeting to the March 5, 2013 City Council meeting.

C.New Business:

1.Senate Bill 101 Opposition:  A resolution to express the City Council’s opposition to Senate Bill 101, The Video Services Act, and to request our Senators and Representatives and all Arkansas Legislators to reject this unfair and unneeded bill.

2.Senate Bill 367 Opposition:  A resolution to oppose Senate Bill 367’s endangering all of Fayetteville’s development regulations.

3.Avfuel Corporation Contract:  An ordinance waiving the requirements of formal competitive bidding and approving a contract with Avfuel Corporation to provide interim aviation fuel and refueler trucks to the Fayetteville Executive Airport for a period not to exceed ninety (90) days, pending a permanent competitively solicited and awarded contract.

4.Kum & Go Land Sale Proceeds:  A resolution stating the intent of the City Council of the City of Fayetteville to use the majority of the proceeds from the land sale to Kum & Go, LC for improvements to the remaining city-owned property and adjacent neighborhoods.

5.Planning Commission Compensation:  A resolution to request the Administration to resume paying monthly compensation to the Fayetteville Planning Commissioners.

6.VAC 13-4298 (1253 W. Showroom Dr./Fiat of Fayetteville):  An ordinance approving VAC 13-4298 submitted by Crafton Tull and Associates for property located at 1253 West Showroom Drive to vacate an utility easement, a total of 0.08 acres.

7.Illinois River Watershed Partnership:  An ordinance waiving the requirement for bids by applying §34.23(F) Purchases and Contracts Not in Excess of $20,000.00 of the Fayetteville Code of Ordinances and approving a contract with the Illinois River Watershed Partnership in the amount of $10,000.00 for watershed education and planning services.

8.Regional Urban Stormwater Education Program:  An ordinance waiving the requirements of formal competitive bidding and approving a Memorandum of Understanding with the MS4 Jurisdictions and the Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission in the amount of $42,240.78 for the Regional Urban Stormwater Education Program to be provided by the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service to satisfy portions of the NPDES Phase II Stormwater Permit requirements.

9.Amend Chapter 166 Development:  An ordinance amending subsection 166.04(l)(ii)(f) of Chapter 166 Development of the Unified Development Code to change the dedication ratios related to Parkland Dedications.

10.Wedington Corridor Neighborhood Master Plan:  A resolution to adopt the Wedington Corridor Neighborhood Master Plan vision document and illustrative master plan.

11.Employee Compensation Adjustment for 2013:  A resolution approving a budget adjustment in the amount of $1,330,000.00 to facilitate city-wide employee compensation adjustments for 2013, and approving Police and Fire Pay Plan Grids.

D.City Council Agenda Session Presentations:

1.Tyson Building Demolition Plan Discussion - David Jurgens and Paul Becker

E.City Council Tours:

1.April 8, 2013 5:00 PM  Westside Wastewater Treatment Plant

2.May 6, 2013 5:00 PM  Noland Wastewater Treatment Plant and Biosolids Management Site



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