Tuesday, May 6, 2014

City Council approved abandoning a right of way to allow student apartments on wet-prairie site and then supports selling credits from Woolsey Prairie without tying the two together

Fayetteville City Council unanimously passed a move to vacate a right-of-way along 15th Street and Razorback Rd. intersection to facilitate building of student housing on that prairie parcel. The plan has been reduced in scope since last summer but it still DESTROYS another piece of native prairie. Now they are hearing Bruce Shackleford speak in support of selling wetland credits for the preservation of Woolsey Wet Prairie. The developers of the Razorback at 15th site should be required to buy mitigation credits from Woolsey Wet Prairie. Most people have seen the site only when it was freshly mowed for parking for Razorback sporting events. Here is a set of photos from 2013 when Razorback baseball didn't include a regional tournament. So the native plants got to flourish until the first scrimmage game of football season. Then it was all mowed down.https://www.flickr.com/photos/7295307@N02/sets/72157634249208581/

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