Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Don't worry about oily gravel hot mix flowing to the Town Branch and Beaver Lake because Gary Dumas is inspecting work on Fayetteville square


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Anonymous said...

People who don't go to the Farmer's Market regularly have no way of knowing how stupid and wasteful this project is. I hope you publish some photos from the 2007 season of the Famer's Market to show the reality of the supposed "need" for spending $400,000 or more of taxpayers' money.

And don't get snowed by the claim that the businesses on the square and the A&P Commission are footing most of the bill. The advertising and promotion money all comes from people who pay tax in Fayetteville. And anything the banks donate comes out of their customers' potential savings income or from their customers' interest on loans.

There is no free lunch, although the restaurtants on the square and around the square might as well invite the homeless to a free lunch this winter because they aren't getting many customers.